Field Review: Canon EOS 60D (Day 1)

The Canon 60D on the seat of the motorcycle we shot with it.

Canon has supplied us with an EOS 60D for test, and first impressions are great. The first thing I noticed about the 60D is how intuitive and easy to set up the camera is. If you’re coming to the 60D from another Canon DSLR I’m sure you’ll find it easy to configure the way you like it it – the controls, dials, buttons and menus aren’t the same as on other Canon’s but are familiar enough to make it easy to understand for those with a little background.

Before reading this you should consider Chris’s comparison of this vs the T2i and 7D.

I’ve owned four Canon DSLR’s, starting with the D60, so if I get the name the wrong way around, you’ll understand why: however, although the name is similar the camera is lightyears away from its predecessor.

For someone who’s never used a DSLR I’m sure it will be a little intimidating, but there’s Canon’s familiar green oval on the control dial for fully automatic operation, which at least lets you blaze away capturing images, even if it doesn’t teach you much.

The screen on the 60D flips around so you can shoot yourself if you wish.

The standout features of the new camera – at least for me – are the swivel-mounted screen, SD card usage, Eye-Fi card support, manual video control, microphone input and economic price. Canon appears to have gone to some effort to divert the xxD-line of camera bodies from the single digit line – most notably the 7D. Where the 50D felt like a poor-man’s 7D, the 60D doesn’t – it offers different features, different options to make that purchasing decision that little bit harder.

There are specifications of the 60D, T2i and 7D here.

The 60D feels like it has had more influence in its design from the video engineers at Canon than any previous DSLR – and that could be of benefit to stills shooters, too.

Keep an eye on The Phoblographer over the next week or so for updates as the camera is tested in studio, in the field professionally and for casual shooting, too. If there’s something specific about the camera you’d like us to test for, leave a comment below.

Below are a couple of the first batch of images I shot with the 60D.

Canon EOS 60D and EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

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