Gift Guide for the Photo Walker

Well The Holiday season is here and some people are still procrastinating, or still need ideas for the photographers in their lives. If you look over our previous gift guides, we have been thorough this year in our recommendations, but here is another. Does the photographer in your life like to go on long walks with their camera? Did they participate in the Scott Kelby World Wide photo walk this year? If they did, this is the Guide for them.


If you want to get the photographer in your life a new DSLR take a look at our Camera Gift guide, but I have four cameras I would recommend. The Nikon D3100, Nikon’s newest entry-level camera, will not break the bank and will help a new photographer get some great images with its guide modes giving systematic instructions of how to change the camera settings. The D7000 is just pure quality. Its Low weight, 16MP sensor, and great form factor are perfect for walking around a city for hours on end. The two DSLR’s I would recommend from Canon, the EOS 60D which is a great stealth camera due to is nice size and weight, and the 60D’s swivel screen will help with all sorts of creative angels. The Canon 7D is powerful and It has great ergonomics overall.


My favorite lens for photo walking is the lens I would recommend for any camera is the 50mm F/1.8 or similar. Nikons 50mm 1.8 and Canons 50mm 1.8 has a great price point. On a Photo walk, in a city, it is a very versatile lens. You can take it indoors into a restaurant, into a park, on to the subway. The lens has a nice size so it makes the camera less conspicuous. Another recommendation for a lens is an 18-200. Nikon, Canon, both make their own version but Sigma and Tamron make the 18-200 lenses for multiple mounts. These lenses are great all around lenses, for zoom shots and for wide angles.

Memory cards

Photo Walks can use a lot of memory in no time and having a good one, class six or faster, at a good size, is a necessity, especially when trying to get high frame rate shots. Having extra memory is always good for any photographer.

We also recommend Eye-Fi Pro X2cards for those of you with SD card slots.


A nice camera strap is a very useful tool. Security and a feeling of comfort is a great thing on long photo walks is such a great thing. The Black Rapid RS7, is my camera strap of choice while Chris Gampat uses a Sun Sniper. Either strap will give you quick comfortable access to a camera on a photo walk through any town.


I have learned to use the environment as my tripod but having a nice GorillaPod never hurts. Its compactness makes it easy to carry also. There is also the OmniPod Flexible Camera Support, great for when the photographer does not want the camera to touch the ground. Some shots require stillness of the camera.


Tamrac Evolution 8

One of the most important pieces of gear for a photo walk, if you are planning to be out for an entire day, and have to carry equipment water and accessories, is a good camera bag. While we have a, great, holiday camera bag guide, I recommend a, sling style, camera bag of some sorts for photo walking. My favorite is the Tamrac Evolution 8. Also consider the slings made by LowPro, Tenba, Kata and Clik Elite, which all have great spec’s. If the weathers turns bad on you, or you just need to bring your sling bag around and put your camera away. Otherwise, the bag is out of your way when you’re walking and shooting.

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Also, take a look at our round up of bags reviewed on this site.

Cleaning Accessories

Microfiber cloths are great simple gifts to give because a photographer on a photo walk will have to clean the gear at some point. A Lenspen because it helps remove fingerprints, smudges and other contaminants from glass optics. (I rarely leave home without mine) Don’t forget a Giottos Rocket Air Blower, a photographer never know when they have to get rid of dust.

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Gevon Servo

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