Recommended Items For the Canon T2i

Most readers of The Phoblographer have entry-level DSLRs (like the T2i) or very high ones (like a 5D Mk II). After spending quite some time with the Canon T2i, I’ve realized that there are a couple of items that people buying this camera should get their hands on to get the very best out of it. In addition, it will probably totally be, “all that they need” as many people in this segment of the market want one camera and won’t replace it for years. Either way, here are some great items for users to get no matter what your photography level.

50mm F1.8 II

For the price point, the “nifty fifty” is probably the most highly recommended step up lens for a photographer owning a Rebel and that wants to take their photography a step further. Good reasons for you to buy this lens are that it is compact (much smaller than the 18-55mm that comes with the camera usually), the image quality that comes out of it when you close the f-stop down to F4 is terrific, you can shoot in very low-light with this lens without having to crank up your ISO to a very high level, and it will teach you to think about how to create better photos.

And that’s only for the still side of things for the T2i. When it comes to video, this lens can help to deliver some of the most beautiful video I’ve seen for the price-point.

It’s really a no-brainer. You can’t really go wrong with this lens. Sure the build quality isn’t the best and the autofocus can be annoying at times but in practice, you’ll probably be very careful with your camera gear and you will also be learning quite a bit about how to achieve sharp and perfect focus by using the manual focusing this lens allows.

Oh that and it’s a very economical lens (actually Canon’s cheapest.)

Rode VideoMic

Since this camera will probably also be replacing your camcorder for some applications, a step-up microphone should help when you want better sound than what the on-board microphone can offer. Therefore, you should probably get your hands on a Rode VideoMic.

The Rode VideoMic is very well suited for birthday parties when people are making speeches and speak very low. For something like that, the on-board microphone won’t cut it. The same applies for lots of other moments as well that you won’t even think of.

For the size and price, it once again is a great bang for your buck. If you’re a college student looking to be a multimedia producer of some sort then you’ll realize that good audio is very important when accompanying your still work or video work. Combined with the T2i, you’ll see just how much of a difference you’ll get in terms of quality.

Canon 430 EX II

As Canon’s mid-level flash, the 430 EX II has served many photographers very well that don’t need the power offered by Canon’s higher end. At an inexpensive price and a relatively compact package, the versatility and image quality that this flash can give to your photos vs the on-board flash will simply blow you away.

Besides great composition to your photos, great lighting is also essential. Don’t think that lovely bokeh and cranking your ISO up will always cut it. You need good lighting to create much better photos and capturing details that may otherwise be lost.

Think about it: if you can get much better images from your camera without ever having to upgrade your camera, would you do it?

Of course you would. Therefore, you need the 430 EX II.

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