Shooting Gerard Butler on The Bounty Hunter- A Photographic Reflection

Gerard Butler on the set of "The Bounty" Compilation

The Bounty Hunter is coming out in theaters soon, starring Hollywood heartthrob, Gerard Butler. In celebration, I thought I’d share a slew of photos with you all and relate to you the experience of shooting Gerard: quite possibly one of the most pleasant I had while being a celebrity photographer.

Gerard Butler on the set of "The Bounty"

As a celebrity photographer, you’re either loved or hated. Similarly in fashion photography, there can be a hierarchy and a picking order when shooting if other photographers are around. If you’re the only one, then you’ll get your exclusives. Out in public, anything goes. Taking a picture of a celebrity for profit is legally no different then a regular person taking a picture of them on their camera phone. You’re not stalking them either: they’re filming movies and so everything is in public view.

Hate them or love them: it’s a job. There’s a need and want for the photos and so you fulfill that want. It’s something that’s craved by everyone. America always wants to be entertained and always wants to see those photos.

I admire Gerard though. Not only because he’s a confident, talented and respectable young man in the industry. But Gerard gave me perhaps my first pleasant experience shooting a celebrity. He didn’t have loads of guards blocking him and he acted, well, like a normal human being. He was very down to earth and even talked to some of the on-lookers. It seemed that he even tried to pose for the camera at times. You can see those in the compilation shots of him in the opening photo.

He didn’t seem like the diva-types that require you to not even walk on the same side of the curb as them. That was nice to know.

The nice ladies of featured my photos, and I in fact never even heard anything from the agency I shot them for.

That summer was probably the hardest I’ve ever had as a photographer. As a guy straight out of college and trying to make a living for himself, I can tell you that I jumped into that industry at the wrong time. One quickly learns that it is an oversaturated market in a media environment where the magazines you shoot for are making large cuts: such as photographers.

But it’s great to see that nice people, such as Gerard can still get to the top of the fame hierarchy without totally stepping on anyone and everyone around them.

And that, my fellow photographers, should inspire you. It inspired me to be the nice photographer. To be fair though, nice doesn’t always mean let yourself get walked all over.

The Bounty Hunter comes out March 19th 2010 in theaters.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.