Hey There, I’m Chris

Self Portrait in Black

Hey there, thanks for coming to the blog as it is under serious construction still (I’m open to ideas.) As my first posting I’ll write up a little bit about what I am and what I do. Hit the jump for more.

I’m a photographer, videographer, blogger, musician, gamer, modern day adventurer, poet; you might as well just call me a Modern Day Bard.

At my time of writing this, I work for Blind Photographers, 2D-X, and Photography Bay.

I shoot

Events (Maria Sharapova unveiling her Diamond Powershot Collection)

Maria Sharapova and her Canon Powershot Diamond Collection

Concerts (The Blip Festival)

The Crowd Loves Failotron at the Blip Festival

Photojournalism (The Recession in NYC)

The Recession in New York City

Street (Halloween Parade 09)

Red Riding Hood as Marilyn Monroe

Headshots (Shannon)

Shanon and her eyes

Portraits (My friend Matt)

Matt with Mike's Flash

NYC (View from the top of the Rock)

The Empire State Building

Celebrities (Gerard Butler)

Gerard Butler on the set of "The Bounty" Compilation

I love video games, mostly PC games but I’m not particularly picky and see the strengths in all platforms. I’ve been a tech journalist for a couple years now: working for Geek.com, PCMag.com amongst others.

I used to intern at Magnum Photos and have been published in the NYTimes amongst others.

I’m looking forward to developing a great relationship with you all.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.