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Photographer Peter Edwards from Australia put together this nifty introductory infographic for those looking to just get into wedding photography. While it’s designed to be targeted at brides, it gives you insight into what you should be thinking about as a photographer. It explains the many different types of styles, the essential shots, and even lists a couple of poses for you to do.

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All images by Kathryn Vincent. Used with permission.

Photographer Katherine Vincent is a law graduate that lives in Sydney, Australia. Her love of food, tea, travel and cookbooks is reflected in her blog, the Kulimary Adventures of Kath. There she shares recipes but also does an incredible job sharing her food photography. Katherine puts a lot of work into her images with careful compositions, styling and wants to earn a living one day taking photos.

We talked to Katherine about her inspiration, compositions, and building a blog.

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Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Photography for some of us is a very casual and carefree experience. But for others, it’s quite dangerous. Take National Geographic photographer Cory Richards for example, who talks about is love adventure photography and how it became his voice in the world. But specifically, he talks about going to Pakistan and an avalanche almost killing him and his crew. When he realized that he survived, he turned the camera on himself and took the image that you see above in the screenshot. This image was his way of dealing with stress but it was also the cover of one of the magazines.

Cory states that he can’t be comfortable and he’s driven towards the unknown to create images that make people feel the way that he does.

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Via Lomography, ISO 1200

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We all know that it’s trendy to be a photographer these days–and now you can wear that on your sleeve. Anastasia over at the Asilida store has created a number of fun patches for photographers that shoot film and want to show it off. These patches can be put on your clothing, camera bags, jacket and anywhere else that you can think of that you’d want to place them.

These patches are surely for the more fashionable amongst the photography world; especially as they add a little bit of extra flair to showcase your identity.

And no, the Asilda Patches won’t cost you a lot of money. In fact, they’re pretty darn affordable. More photos are after the jump.

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All images by Julie Anne Cassidy. Used with permission.

Photographer Julie Anne Cassidy is one that travels a lot, and when she does, she shows off her affinity for Polaroids. She describes herself as a travel/food photographer and stylist with a healthy obsession with her Polaroid camera. Julie studied photography in Vancouver, B.C at Emily Carr Institute of Fine Arts, Focal Point Visual Arts Centre and Vancouver Photo Workshops–and she currently resides in Montreal. She finds lots inspiration in her travels and can often be found planning and daydreaming about her next trip.

But shooting Polaroids and creating tangible images is something that Julie Anne loves the most. Be sure to also visit her Etsy shop and pick up a print.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.23.59 AM

The folks over at COOPH are back at it again with a new video called 7 Funky Photography Tips. They include a number of ways to make your photography better or much different: including using balloons, umbrellas, freelensing and other ideas that you may have forgotten about or not thought about in a while. If you don’t have time to try these today, give it a thought this weekend.

It’s surely worth the inspiration; and their video is after the jump.

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