Jayanta Roy’s Himalayan Odyssey Is a Hypnotic Black and White Landscape Photo Series

All images by Jayanta Roy. Used with a Creative Commons License.

Jayanta Roy’s Himalayan Odyssey photo series surely reminds us that you don’t need the Golden Hour to create fantastic landscape photos. According to Jayanta, he developed the series over a year of travelling. Now just imagine that for a second: you’ve been travelling a whole lot and you’ve accumulated a whole load of images: what’s going to make you choose the final photos for your portfolio? Luckily, Jayanta did a fantastic job not only with shooting the photos, but also getting really inspiring black and white photos of the the mountain range.

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Tokyo Stories: a Special Photobook Curating Personal Stories of the People in Japan

The idea of putting together a number of stories from various people isn’t a new one; but a new Kickstarter called Tokyo stories looks to do that while giving us a look into the minds of one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. Worked on by photographer Elodie Grethen, she cites that she created the book partially out of the fact that when she moved from Vienna to Tokyo, she didn’t know anyone. So she went out trying to find friends.

If you’ve ever moved to a new city or country, you can probably relate with Elodie’s words.

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Jett Inong’s ANXIETY Combines Street Photography with Creative Color Usage

All images by Jett Inong. Used with permission. Editor’s Note: In a previous version of this article, we misspelled Jett’s last name. We apologize for this mistake. 

“Photography to me is a very complex form that consists of vast amount of visual language,” explains Jett Inong. “It is more eloquent than verbal language itself. When we look into a manual to build or fix something, we are most likely reliant to the photographs rather than the typed words for instructions.” In fact, Jett has a great point. No one likes to read a manual; and so it indeed is a type of language–one that’s easily conveyed in his series, ANXIETY.

Jett explains how that’s why he got into photography in the first place–the infinite capability to articulate one’s most visceral thoughts with just a click of a button, as he describes it.

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The Theory Behind Why You’re Not Getting the Most From Scanned Film

The lead image of this blog post features a beautifully scanned negative of Kodak Portra 400. Looks really nice, right? Lots of photographers who get into analog film photography will then go about scanning their images to show them off online. I mean, it’s just what we do. But here’s the truth, it’s incredibly hard to get a GOOD scan. There are scanners that scan to DNG files and TIFFs, but they’re only so good. Why?

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5 Essential Tech Items For The Modern Working Photographer

In this day and age being a photographer is more than just carting around some cameras and lenses. Technology has become an integral part of the photography equation. This means that beyond your standard photography gear, such as lenses, cameras, tripods, and such, you also have this array of technology tools that can and do help make a photographer’s life that much easier and hassle free. Today we wanted to highlight some of that tech.

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Why I’m Returning to Flickr Despite the Company Not Doing So Great

In January 2017, this sounds like the absolute craziest thing any photographer could possibly do even despite my own research that shows lots of people use it as a dumping ground: but I’m truthfully returning to Flickr. This has a lot to do with my own personal feelings of many platforms out there in the world and how the “photography world” has evolved and changed. Some of these things that define our current world were first made famous by Flickr. Lots of photographers have their own Instagram–and that’s fine. We really need Instagram at this point despite the platform and the general public’s complete lack of respect for intellectual property. The same can be said of any social media platform.

But I don’t see Flickr as a social media platform.

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Kelly-Shane Fuller on Pushing Ilford HP5 to ISO 51,200

All images by Kelly-Shane Fuller. Used with permission.

Black and white film photographers know very well that they can often push a lot of their film quite a bit; but probably not many photographers have tried pushing Ilford HP5 to ISO 51,200 like Kelly-Shane Fuller does. Kelly-Shane has been on the site before for his tinkering about with Kodachrome to develop it. But we wanted to see what he does with Ilford HP5 to get such great photos from it at this ISO.

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With Analog Photography Should Come a Resurgence of Printing

If you’re one of the newer breed of photographers who started out in digital and only afterward picked up analog film photography, then you’re also probably a photographer that has never had an image of theirs printed. The reason: what would you do with it? Would you put it on a wall? Would you keep it in a drawer? Unfortunately for many people, they typically just end up throwing them out. However I’m most certain this is because of one specific issue: they haven’t printed the right photo.

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