This Magical and Gorgeous Bridal Session Involves a White Horse

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All images by La Candella Weddings. Used with permission.

“Haha, working with a horse always makes things a little bit more complicated.” says photographer Angela Candella about a wedding fashion shoot involving a fairy tale inspired look and a splendid white horse. “Sometimes, the owner of the horse would wave carrots behind me to try to get the horse’s attention, but truthfully, he was more interested in eating the wreath around his neck, and also trying to eat the bouquet.”

Angela Candella is a very famous wedding and fashion photographer known for her specific creative vision, interesting use of colors, and the overall unique vision that she puts forward into her images. She’s won many awards, and even works in the wedding fashion photography space (yes, it’s a thing!)

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Jess Pollock’s Double Exposures Convey Creative Experimentation


All images by Jess Pollock. Used with permission.

“I’ve been an artist and a photographer since middle school. Throughout my art classes in high school and college, I realized that I had a gift of framing my subjects and creating balance in both my paintings and photographs.” says photographer Jess Pollock. Jess has an interesting creative advantage in the fact that he works in various mediums. The ability to not hold yourself back in other mediums vs how one usually does in photography is one that often clashes. But Jess has learned to make his photographs better through skills he learned in painting and vice versa.

“My artistic focus in painting has changed over the years; I used to do abstract impressionism, but have been getting into realism lately, especially nature and outer space.” explains Jess. “As for my photography, I’m always capturing nature (trees, mountains, lakes, oceans, etc.) and have, in the last few years, been incorporating people into my nature photos in a creative way.” Combine this with things like Jess’s love of outer space and the Lord of the Rings, and you’ve got quite a potent artistic mixture.


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We’re Hiring: Freelance Writer for La Noir Image


Hey everyone,

Remember La Noir Image: that Kickstarter I tried to get funded but that failed because now I realized that no one wanted an app? Well it’s currently under reconstruction to become a full blown art community. Yes, that’s right; it’s not dead–and instead it’s being revamped into a community. Thanks to the help of an Angel Investor, La Noir Image can become something bigger. The current La Noir Image is under construction.

Think Phoblographer premium: with a totally justifiable subscription tier plan. Further, we’re not playing the news game. It’s going to instead be all about refined, well done content.

To that end though, I’m looking to bring on another part-time writer as I’ve already got someone else on board with magazine rate pay.

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Three Web Communities for the Creative Photographer

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer VSCO on the iPhone new screen (1 of 1)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 2.8

While there are loads of photo communities to begin with for many of us photographers, some are different from the others in that they’re slightly more geared towards those of us who create rather than capture. For many years, Flickr was the king of this. Go there and you’ll find surreal project after surreal project and with lots of them being very solid. But for the most part, this has changed. New communities like Instagram have popped up; but they’re not always so well aimed at those of us who strive to create vs capture.

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Creating and Lighting Underwater Portraits


All images by Tim Davis. Used with permission.

“My biggest fear is that I will become stagnant and stale so staying near the edge if not hanging over it is where I want to be most days.” says Photographer Tim Davis about his work. Perhaps this is why he got so into underwater portraits–because so few people do them. Tim was born and raised in Wichita, KS and has owned/operated Tim Davis Photography there for 13 years. He tells us that he has 4 beautiful 12 year olds, Joey, Aiden, Sam and Brenna who have helped him become the man and artist he is today.

Well..that and slosely watching photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Joe McNally, Sal Cincotta, etc.

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Creating the Photograph: Alexander Co Dela Cruz, Jr.’s “Blue Diamonds”

20160526-Nicolle's Journey to 18 - Postcards-013

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they concepted an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Photographer Alexander C. Dela Cruz, Jr. is a Strobist Events Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. You name it: he’s probably done it even though he’s only been shooting since 2012. Alex has done what photographers really should do: make a minimal investment in gear and really focus on just creating awesome images with what you have.

“I got literally hooked with photography back when I had my hands on my first camera ever – a Chinese-manufactured MP4 player with a VGA camera.” he tells us. “I then upgraded to a GE Point-and-Shoot, and eventually wanted better images and total control over them. I’m a self taught photographer and a proud one, getting inspiration daily from your site.”

That inspiration has translated into a number of awesome portraits. And to that end, Alex is very much a true creative.

Here’s his story on how he created the photo “Blue Diamonds.” Be sure to also follow him on Facebook.

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John Dykstra: Developing a Dark and Expressive Creative Vision


All images by John Dykstra. Used with permission.

“When I finally picked up photography, I knew well my intentions to be an artist, and that if I were to ever get into photography, I would never be doing commercial or documentary work: the aim was to develop the craft into my own artistic ambitions.” says photographer John Dykstra about his photography. “What I didn’t know was how quickly my love for photography would develop.” Earlier on this year, I found John’s work on Reddit and talked to him about the series that you see here. It isn’t complete, but he’s been working on it and it’s developed into one that touches on how people see the world around them.


John started out in the creative world drawing and then got into photography. And as he explains, it’s not a simple art form to master.

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Photoshop is Photography; and This is Why


There are many schools of mind and thought when it comes to defining what a photograph is. Some say that a photograph is exactly what comes out of the camera and nothing more. Others tend to argue that using Lightroom is alright. Still others continue to say that the world of presets, HDR and other methods are untrue to what photography is.

Photography in its colloquial term basically means painting with light. It started with the obscura, moved onto things like tin types, then film, and now digital. For most of photography’s years, the darkroom was the king. We base a lot of what we do in Lightroom and Photoshop off of Darkroom methods.

But to this day, if you say that some concepts in Photography result in not an actual Photo being created, then there are years and years of darkroom photographers that would prove you otherwise.

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