TheSquarelips: One Camera, One Lens, One Model


All Images By Tomasz Cuncvir. Used with Permission. 

“…our editors always wanted only two things from us: tits and bokeh.” says photographer Tomasz Cuncvir. “My photographs were always heavily photoshopped by retouchers to create this ‘dreamlike’ aura with half naked models and diffused background. And you couldn’t differentiate my photographs from many other ‘dreamlike bokeh boudoir fashion editorials.’ For Tomasz and his model Patrycja Szczepuła, it is still a very fashionable way of presenting things.

We have long been fans of the 365 day photo project as a way to grow, be creative, and discover yourself as a photographer. It’s about giving yourself a set of parameters, working to be creative and create amazing images within those confines. This is exactly what the idea behind TheSquarelips is; one camera, one lens, one model – a 365 day project, going on 730 day by Tomasz and Patrycja. But it’s also striving hard not to give into the trends that make photographers and models “Instafamous.”

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Creating the Photograph: Nathan Hostetter’s “Mirror Mirror”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they concepted an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Photographer Nathan Hostetter usually works with natural lighting and tries to emulate some sort of film look to his images. His photos can be characterized as having some sort of elegance to them while also finding a way to show off the humanity in his subjects. So when Nathan showed us a few of his portraits, we were quite impressed with one he shot of Naomi.

But what you’ll also be amazed by is how simple his lighting is–and that’s what makes the images!

Here’s Nathan’s story!

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Review: Leica M-D

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Leica MD product images (7 of 12)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 3.5

The Leica M-D is a crazy idea–seriously, who decides to remove the LCD screen from a camera? It makes no sense, right? Honestly, you’d be amazed at how wrong you are. The Leica M-D is the closest thing that Leica has that fuses both digital and film. Indeed, it’s the true film photographer’s M camera. Scoff all you want at this camera, but after three weeks of time with it and the wonderful 24mm f1.4 Summilux, I genuinely started to understand it. You could indeed call it the Anti-Instagram camera, but I personally see it as one of the most important M cameras that they’ve released since the original M9 and the M Monochrom.

If you’re a true photojournalist or documentary photographer, this could be the only camera you’ll ever need. And before you sit there and hate on all the things about Leica cameras being so expensive, at least hear me out.

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Review: Impossible Project I-1

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Impossible Project I-1 review product images (4 of 9)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.8

We’ve waited a long time for a brand new Polaroid camera if you’re in the analog market, and just this year the Impossible Project announced the I-1: which is in many ways a world’s first for analog film cameras. With a slightly retro design though in some ways embracing the future, the camera is pretty easy to operate and pretty simple to use if you know how Impossible Project’s film work and if you’re just willing to be a bit more experimental. The Impossible Project I-1 is also pretty fun–which means that it’s bound to start conversations.

With that lean towards fun though, you’re going to get varied results.

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The Incredible Analog Portraiture of Kalin Kostov (NSFW)


All Images By Kalin Kostov. Used with Permission. 

“After a while I realized that the most important thing is the man behind the camera not the camera itself.” says Kalin Kostov, a Bulgarian portrait photographer specializing in analog nude portraiture. “Basically I love taking pictures of people,”

In a somewhat unique way, Kostov got his introduction into the art of photography about 6 years ago when his point and shoot was stolen and a friend gave him an old-used DSLR. He began to get more involved with photography, upgrading his kit, eventually coming to the most important realization that your creative vision is more important than the camera itself.


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Five Modern Portrait Photographers With Beautiful Film Photography (NSFW)

Modern Fifties: Waiting Model: Elena MUA + Styling on set: Ingeborg Soolsma Wardrope Styling: Paulien Suykerbuyk Cambo SC-1 Kodak Portra 160 NC 4×5″

All images used with permission of the photographers. Lead image by Paul Van Bueren.

Actress Keira Knightly said something very profound about film photographers once:

“I’ve noticed that the people who started on film still have the ability to see the person in front of them. Whereas for a lot of photographers who have only ever worked in digital, the relationship between the photographer and the person who they’re taking a picture of sort of doesn’t exist anymore. They’re looking at a computer screen as opposed to the person.”

Portraiture is something indeed that is very personal to many of us. But so is film. We’ve went through our archives to round up a number of film photographers shooting portraits that you’ll be inspired by.

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How to Shoot Better Portraits With Film

Mamiya C220 55mm f4.5
Kodak Portra 160VC (expired 2004)

Lead image by Joe Valtierra

Portraiture is a process–and in today’s digital photography world it’s always wonderful to embrace the slower and more methodical process of film photography. Yes, it’s difficult and it’s nowhere as forgiving as digital photography. But that’s what makes you a better photographer.

After years of screwing up with film over and over again, I learned a lot when it comes to shooting. There are a number of labs around the country that will develop film for you.

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No, Fujifilm USA Will Not Discontinue Film Multi-Packs

Fujifilm Superia Multipack

There have been many rumors going around about Fujifilm discontinuing loads of multi-pack films very quietly since the company announced another discontinuation last week. Yes, it’s indeed true–but not so in the United States.

According to sources in the United States, the multi-packs will continue to be sold. Specifically, four packs will be sold here in the US. Even more interestingly: sources from within Fujifilm tell the Phoblographer exclusively that they will soon officially bring back 36 exposure rolls for their films. For years, they’ve only been available in 24 exposure rolls. This is quite a surprise: while most photographers may stick their noses in the air when it comes to the “Consumer” stuff, it surely is a way to get some cheap fun at a party.