Essentials: The Semi Serious Fujifilm Instax Film Photographer


Essentials is a series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend.

While it’s still not totally there yet, the Fujifilm Instax format is starting to offer support for the more serious minded photographer out there. The imaging area is around the size of true 645 format, and for that reason it would be absolutely incredible as a serious image capturing format. The film is more than capable of delivering great details but the problems for many years has been the cameras. However, two cameras in particular are fantastic choices for a photographer looking to get more seriously into the Instax format.

As always, the Essentials series isn’t sponsored but instead designed to give a photographer various kit options.

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The Absolute Most Simple Key to Creating More Film-Like Digital Photos

Chris Gampat Adam's edited portraits (2 of 9)ISO 1001-1250 sec at f - 1.4

Quite obviously, the best way to create an image that looks like film is to shoot film to start out with; but if you don’t have a film camera or aren’t ready to take that dip yet, there is a basic fundamental principle that you should know. Lots of photographers go out there and create images that they state and truly believe looks like film. But indeed, it really doesn’t. The reason for this is because most photographers don’t understand how film works when it comes to one of the biggest parameters out there: colors.

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MINT’s SLR670s Noir Is The Polaroid You’ve Dreamed Of


Today MINT has announced their latest modernized Polaroid offering in the form of the SLR-670s Noir, an upgraded and improved Polaroid SX-70 with two new auto modes and a manual mode. If you are an old Polaroid aficionado, than this could be a camera that you want to get your hands on.

MINT in case you are not up to date, is a company that has been refurbishing old Polaroid cameras, upgrading them, and reselling them to the modern market. In the case of the SLR-670s Noir, the base Polaroid model that makes up the majority of the camera is none other than the trusty old Polaroid SX-70. They’re also the makers of the TL70. Continue reading…

Review: Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome (Black and White)


While Fujifilm Instax enjoys quite a bit of popularity with the crowd of young photographers that enjoy the instant, lo-fi analog feel, there are a number of us that have really wanted to use the film for a higher end look. The first move towards that was cameras that have a bit more manual control over the exposure–while the next was Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome. The new black and white film is an ISO 800 normal contrast film that can be tough to work with at times, but when you get it right, it really shines.

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First Impressions: Leica Sofort Instant Film Camera


If you were to tell me years ago that Leica was going to launch an instant film camera, I would’ve laughed pretty hard. But as Instax started to become more and more serious (and expensive) it started to make more sense. And so, we have the Leica Sofort–Leica’s first entry into the Instax film market. Shooting the same Instax Mini film that is so popular amongst many photographers, the Sofort is a colorful, cute looking addition to the assortment of cameras that are already out there. Sure, it’s pricy. But it’s also probably one of the more stylish cameras out there.

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First Sample Images: Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome (Black and White)


We’ve been waiting for a very, very long time for Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome, and it’s finally here. The film renders an image that is around the same size as 645 film; but one of the problems that it faces is a lack of solid optics and full manual control on a camera. Manufacturers are realizing this more and more though, and so we’re bound to have something soon. We recently purchased four packs of it and ran it through a Mint Camera Instantflex TL70 2.0–which is arguably the best Instax Mini shooting camera on the market. So far it’s proving to be really interesting and far better than the color film. Our review is still underway but here are some of our first impressions.

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Has Digital Technology Ruined Street Photography?


This is a syndicated blog post from Street Silhouettes. It and the images here are being republished with exclusive permission from Horatio Tan.

This is not going to be a popular opinion. However, in the course of starting a discussion, sometimes it is helpful to speak from a dissenting position. I want to talk about street photography.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love street photography. In fact, I have been known to do it myself. However, there is something about street photography that just isn’t sitting right with me. It has to do with what street photography has become, as a result of digital technology.

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Film’s Comeback Inspires New Darkroom At Deakin University

Image via Deakin University

It is not every day that you hear about new darkroom facilities being built at Universities (or anywhere else), in fact it is quite the opposite, with many being shut down for lack of use or poor conditions. But that may start to change, or at least it is at Deakin University where Film’s recent comeback (of sorts) has inspired the construction of brand-new darkroom facilities for their photography students.  Continue reading…