The Fujifilm X-T2 High ISO Samples are Pretty Amazing

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm X-T2 review initial product images (3 of 12)ISO 2001-2000 sec at f - 2.0

We’ve got the Fujifilm X-T2 in for review right now and we’re quite impressed so far. The 24MP APS-C sensor offers fantastic resolution and high ISO output though at times the detail loss can be quite telling. In fact, it’s the same sensor that’s inside the X Pro 2–which is arguably the best APS-C sensor on the market right now.

Below, find a number of high ISO images with the EXIF data totally intact.

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Five Point and Shoot Cameras You’ll Always Want to Have With You

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Hexar AF Review Product images  (12 of 12)ISO 4001-80 sec at f - 4.0

While most consumers don’t really like point and shoot cameras, it’s really hard for a more advanced photographer to really turn them down. They’re compact and are designed to have a very simple interface. Often stripping the camera down to one lens focal length, it means that the photographer needs to keep in mind one field of view and just shoot. These cameras are fantastic for street photography, but they’re also great for general shooting.

Here are a few that we really love.

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How Much Do Imaging Sensors Really Matter Over Lighting?

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer With and without flashes for a window lighting tutorial (1 of 2)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 2.8

For many years as a photographer, I’ve had one trick that has made all my product photography shine. Companies lease our product images, and on social platforms or messaging boards our product images are often used to showcase a lens or camera looking sexy. We wrote a while back about how we do product photos, but something that continues to be an issue with many photographers even today is whether or not you should have a new camera, an old camera, a full frame sensor, a Four Thirds sensor or an APS-C Sensor.

And I’m here to show you the absolute truth: with good lighting and a few tweaks of sliders in Lightroom, none of that matters when it comes to image quality. Of course, cameras can have different features that make them more or less attractive depending on the application. But in general, a more experienced photographer can take any camera you hand them and create a fantastic image no matter what.

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The “Moron Behind the Camera” is More Important Than the Camera


A fairly long time ago, photographer Zack Arias shared a video on sensor sizes and how the full frame vs APS-C sensor debate is pretty much useless. Instead, he pushes the idea that the “Moron behind the camera” is much more important. Today, more than anything else, that’s so important. Photographers are able to create awesome images with just an an iPhone camera. The sensor size won’t necessarily matter–but what will instead is the creative vision of the photographer or the knowledge that they have.

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How To Start A Successful Photography Business


Looking to start your own photography business? Camera+ app co-creator Lisa Bettany shares her advice on how to thrive in a competitive industry.

Award-winning photographer and best-selling Camera+ app entrepreneur, Lisa Bettany, started her first photography business without a camera. After a tragic figure skating accident that dashed her Olympic dreams, she borrowed a friend’s DSLR and she began exploring photography as a creative outlet.

“I was living in Vancouver at the time and I had access to a lot of friends who were actors, musicians and models. So I started taking picture of my friends and their gigs. They really liked what I was doing and they actually started to pay me. I thought, ‘Wow, maybe I can leverage this into something else.’”

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We/You All Suck at Street Photography; and That’s Okay


Street Photography isn’t simple and instead is something that requires a number of incredible parallel factors to all line up accordingly–and when cameras start to do nothing else but constantly log life at a higher resolution, it will require human elements beyond algorithms scrubbing for “good images” to actually have someone call themselves an artist. The art form has obviously become more and more popular with Instagram, EyeEm, and VSCO becoming a norm for photographers and people who just like taking pictures. Everyone has the potential to become a fantastic street photographer; but not everyone has the affinity, devotion, and understanding of the art to truly make it work.

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Fine Tuning Your Autofocus: Making Your Camera Simply Work Better


Autofocusing with cameras is one of the biggest features that are always kept in mind when someone makes a purchase. Unfortunately though, not everyone knows how to take the best advantage of what their camera offers them. In truth, if you’ve got a camera from 2011 and afterward, you pretty much have everything you’ll need to accomplish most everyday tasks when it comes to autofocusing on your subject. Whether you’re photographing your pets running around like maniacs or photographing a subject in the dimly lit dark, your camera can handle most instances if you just use it correctly.

Let’s delve delve into this.

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