Canon EOS-1DX Sensor

Not the 75MP sensor

When I first read this rumor on Photography Bay, I thought to myself, ‘Is Canon using a Sigma Foveon Sensor?’ However, I was wrong. It seems that Canon may be using a 75MP Non–Bayer Multilayer Sensor. In essence, the sensor would be combining information from Red, Green and Blue 25mp layers–equaling a 75MP sensor.  This is similar to what the Sigma Foveon sensor does in Sigma Cameras. There was a Canon patent from May 2013, which demonstrated the technology–but it is only now that we’re really seeing it.

I no longer consider this a sensor war. It’s more of a fight from Dragon Ball Z. Every time you think one side can’t come out with a bigger attack, they do.  Nikon had their special attack with the D800, Canon may have this 75MP camera in the pipeline. It will never end… Yay!

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