How to Turn a Boring Scene into a Full Street Photography Session

This is a syndicated blog post from Zlatko Vickovic. The content and the images here are being used with permission.

Nothing. Boring scene. I was sitting on top of some stairs, enjoying my cigarette as usual, and searching the area with my eyes for something interesting to come up. My camera was sleeping next to me. I’m sure you all have these moments. You steal some time from your routine life and go out shooting, full of enthusiasm. Suddenly, you realise nothing is happening, nothing interesting at all.

And it seems that harder you want something to happen, less are the chances. Old masters of photography use to say: “… Just sit and wait and look around… something will happen.”And it happened. Two girls came up and started to take some pics of each other, with their shiny smartphones, of course. Blah… boring. After observing them for a few minutes, I couldn’t resist myself.

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Zlatko Vickovic: On the Specific Use of Color in a Photo

All images by Zlatko Vickovic. Used with permission.

Color is an element of photography that can be distracting or used effective: just ask Zlatko Vickovic. “And I think that all serious photography must carry some meaning or it is just colorful tapestry.” he states. “If you shot color, it must not be for the sake of it only.” Zlatko’s creative vision stems from Bresson and his studies of various photographers have greatly influenced the scenes he captures that many folks otherwise just wouldn’t care for.

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Zlatko Vickovic: Black and White

This is a syndicated blog post from La Noir Image. All images are from Zlatko Vickovic. Used with permission.



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To make a long story short: back in the days of analog photography I was a wedding photographer, and after a long break when I have built my career as traditional artist painter and graphic designer, once digital photography came to the scene, I felt in love with photography again. It came naturally. When I was youngster in school, and after that in wild teenage years, even if itwas someone else’s camera, it would always end up in my hands. I was always interested in mechanical and technical things, and how stuff works.Curiosity, I think that’s the key.

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