Four Fantastic Backpacks for Photographers Living in Cities

The backpack: it’s a beautiful piece of gear most photographers need or want. While some backpacks work great, others aren’t so great overall. If you’re in a city, you often need a backpack that works well, can carry a fair amount of gear, is versatile, and doesn’t really break the bank. So we dove into our reviews index to round up a number of our favorite backpacks for photographers.

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Review: ZKin Yeti Backpack (Camera Bag)

For a while now, I’ve been on the search for the perfect camera bag; and in some ways the ZKin Yeti is a contender. It’s a beautiful camera bag with lots of space and great access for a working photographer. Considering the fact that I’m usually a messenger bag man, this bag does quite a bit to justify itself as something seriously worth looking at.

To be honest, not only does it have low-profile great looks–but it can also be a great option for traveling or shoots that require extra from you.

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