You’ll Love the Experience and IQ: Nikon Zfc First Impressions

It looks really eye-catching, is surprisingly lightweight, and packs really good photo and video quality. The Zfc does feel like an APS-C all-rounder now.

If you read our article back in May about the need for a mirrorless retro body from Nikon, you would have noticed how badly I was hoping for one with a full-frame sensor. It didn’t get that, nor did it come close to the 30-megapixel resolution I was hoping for. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I got the Nikon Zfc in my hands to try out. Almost a carbon copy of my FM2, but seemingly a lot lighter, the Zfc more than delighted me when I used it. It might have the Nikon Z50 sensor in there, but it feels like the Zfc has dethroned it as Nikon’s best-ever APS-C camera. They’ve definitely put some emphasis on style, too: it’s available in six colors besides the classic silver-black you’ll see below. Plus, it’s got a pretty competitive price.

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Is the new Nikon Zfc the Perfect Step Forward for the Company Now?

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The closer it got to the release date, the more apparent it became that the Nikon Zfc would be a crop sensor body. This was a feature that I was desperately hoping against, having made the decisive and firm jump to Full-Frame sensors nearly a decade ago. If the similarly styled Nikon Df could have been released with a Full-Frame sensor, why did the Zfc have to fall short in this department? With a crop sensor in an 80s-looking body, can the company bring back some much-needed camera sales in 2021 and beyond?

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