This Rare German Gun Camera Shot WWII Dogfight Footage

Anyone looking for a World War II German gun camera?

Here’s something for all you military history fans and vintage camera collectors out there. Another rare camera with rich military history has surfaced from the depths of ebay: a Zeiss Ikon German Luftwaffe Me 109 gun camera from the World War II era.

There’s not much information about this fascinating wartime snapper, other than what we find in the listing by ebay seller adtpcs. This Zeiss Ikon gun camera, an ESK 2000 B model, measures 18.5 inches long, weights approximately 15 pounds, and has an integrated sight tube with cross-hair reticle. It was reportedly attached to the Messerschmitt ME 109 (BF 109) aircraft, which was the backbone of the German air force Luftwaffe during the World War II.

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The Five Greatest M-Mount Film Cameras of All Time

Picture "Leica M3" by Rama via Wikimedia Commons

Picture “Leica M3” by Rama via Wikimedia Commons

Leica M-mount rangefinder film cameras have always held a special place in photo history. For one, because it was Leica who started the 35mm film revolution. Then, because the M3, the first M-mount rangefinder camera that Leica made, started a series of incredibly popular photographic tools used by countless professionals and amateurs alike for decades. And finally, because Leica-made M-mount lenses can be considered to be some of, if not the best lenses there are for 35mm film cameras. In this article, we take a look at what we deem the five greatest M-mount film cameras that were ever made. Not necessarily all by Leica, though.

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