Missing In Action: Where In the World Is the Zeiss ZX1?

The Zeiss ZX1, a camera many photographers had wet dreams about, has seemingly vanished without a trace.

Picture it; Cologne, Germany, 2018, thirsty photographers from around globe packed into an event hall for Photokina to get their grubby mitts on new and exciting cameras, and there, like a shining ray of light, was the Zeiss ZX1. A new camera so unique, so cutting edge, so gorgeously designed that it seemed too good to be true. And apparently, it was. This marvel of a camera was due to be released in early 2019, but to date, it is still missing. We know it has been out and about in the wild with testers, but they are sworn to secrecy. The official Zeiss ZX1 website is alive and well, and the camera also received Adobe camera RAW support in December of 2019, so what happened to this gorgeous Full Frame, internet-connected camera? Let’s talk about it after the break.

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