Review: Zeiss 25mm f1.4 Milvus (Canon EF)

The Zeiss 25mm f1.4 Milvus Lens is a great lens for sure, but do you need one?

When Zeiss announced their Zeiss 25mm f1.4 Milvus lens, I was surely excited. But at the same time, a part of me considers this a focal length I’m not too sure about. It’s not a 24mm, it’s not a 28mm, and it isn’t their fantastic 35mm f1.4. In some ways I wish it were a 28mm, or that Zeiss went wide to a 21mm. Instead, it’s somewhere in the awkward middle. That doesn’t make the 25mm f1.4 Milvus lens a bad lens. In fact, I think it’s better than most 24mm or 25mm lenses on the market. But then you need to consider the price point–which is really high. However, you’re getting a solid lens with a metal body, weather sealing, some of the absolute best optics currently on the market, good color, versatility for both video and stills, and a guaranteed lifespan of more than what’s currently on the market.

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