How to Photograph Thanksgiving Day Meals

Thanksgiving For Two-5

All images in this story used with permission. Lead photo by Betty Liu.

With America’s Thanksgiving Day happening today, you’re bound to be taking loads and loads of images that you’ll enjoy and share on social media with many others. To create those better images, the Phoblographer has pooled a few American food photographers that have been interviewed on the site before. Here, they all give you insightful, artistic and technical tips on creating images of the big meal.

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Yvonne Cornell: Aesthetics in Food Photography

Gnochetti en brodo

All images by Yvonne Cornell. Used with permission.

“I’m an explorer in search of old things, slow living and good food,” says photographer Yvonne Cornell. Yvonne is behind the Following Breadcrumbs food blog, and her images are bound to get you hungry. For her, the story makes the recipe–and that’s what she loves to capture. To that end, Yvonne also says that she find inspiration in literature.

And for most of you, you’ll love to know that her favorite piece of gear is soft, natural light.

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