Video: Jamie Windsor Shares the Truth on Being Successful on YouTube

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Photographers who create content for YouTube can get a bad rep. Often seen as fame-hungry attention seekers, only concerned about views and popularity, some industry members reject their credibility as skilled photographers. But that can hardly be fair. Surely there’s more depth to a photographer who makes YouTube content? I was eager to find out. So I invited popular YouTuber Jamie Windsor on to The Phoblographer’s official podcast: Inside The Photographers Mind.

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Tyler Shields on Learning Photography from a YouTuber vs. a Photographer

YouTube holds a wealth of information for budding photographers, but it’s also worth being more critical of what you’re learning to improve your craft.

The Internet, especially YouTube, has been a both a blessing and a curse for those who want to acquire new skills or get better of what they do. With the sheer volume of tutorials we can access with just a few clicks, it’s possible to learn everything there is to know about photography. However, the esteemed Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Tyler Shields cautions us about the information we’re taking in, and who creates it. In a short video, he explains why we need to be able to differentiate between a YouTuber and a Photographer, and how it can make the learning experience more meaningful.

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