The New Yongnuo YN450 Is Unfortunately One Giant Mess of a Camera

Yongnuo YN450

While it’s a great concept with some good ideas, the Yongnuo YN450 is a swing and a miss.

Ears perked up, and eyes were wide open throughout the photography world late last year when Yongnuo announced that they would be making a hybrid camera that ran on Google’s Android software, and would feature a Canon EF Mount for lenses. The camera sounded pretty good; it promised easy connectivity to popular social media sites, and a user friendly interface that tens of millions of people around the world are familiar with. But between the announcement and now, you know what has really hit the fan. Continue reading…

Yongnuo Seems to Be Making a Camera with Android Built into It

Surprise, surprise; there’s an upcoming Yongnuo YN450 system camera and its early specs have been leaked. 

Reports are abuzz of Chinese lens manufacturer Yongnuo gearing up to join the Mirrorless wars with an upcoming system camera. Called YN450 for now, the company has recently posted on their Facebook page a contest for an official name for this new camera. Yongnuo is gathering votes for two product names they currently have; 4G Camera and Smart Camera (or any name the interested public can suggest). The two current name choices coincide with the camera’s design, which is pretty much a smartphone with a lens mount (possibly a Canon mount, based on the photo).

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