3 Female Boudoir Photographers Share Their Secrets to Better Photos

“I once showed a woman the back of the camera, and we had to call makeup back into the shooting room because she was crying so hard just looking at the back of the camera,” said Marina LaBaff to us in an interview a while back. “She told me she had never liked a single photograph of herself before and had hated herself and the way she looked for years.” But Marina’s session instilled a level of confidence in her subject that changed her completely. Over the years we’ve approached boudoir photographers for interviews about their work. And we’ve tried to get the perspectives of female boudoir photographers instead of the industry’s partiality to the male gaze.

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Boudoir Photographer Yolandi Jacobsz Makes the “Moment of Sexy”

All boudoir photography by Yolandi Jacobsz. Used with permission.

To better understand the psychology between a professional and their client, we spoke to boudoir photographer Yolandi Jacobsz. Boudoir photography is an extremely delicate genre. Most of the clients who walk into a photographer’s studio are women. They may bring with them a mixture of emotions and insecurities. A boudoir shoot is an opportunity for the subject to be born into or reinforce confidence. Because it’s so vulnerable, it takes a skilled pro to help a subject truly become themselves.

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