The Yongnuo YN-622N Transceivers Give You TTL At Half the Price of PocketWizards


Yongnuo has released the YN-622N transceivers for Nikon–which are designed to be the most affordable triggers with full TTL integration that you can get. They’re available at nearly half the price of PocketWizard Plus X triggers, have full TTL integration, and can do other tricks like high speed sync. Other features include 7 different channels of communication and a range of 100 meter.

These triggers have been available for Canon for a while, and many users still say that for the price point, they’re not too shabby. The Yongnuo brand triggers are often pretty well made for the price, reliable, and intuitive in their interface. And when you consider the feature-set, they’re really tough to turn down.

Via SLR Lounge