Photographing a 299 Year Old Stradivarius Violin with the Phase One IQ280


Image courtesy of Phase One and Søren Jonesen

When one stumbles upon an incredible rare find, the documentary of the object is often an extremely exciting process. And in a recent behind the scenes video, Phase One definitely didn’t disappoint. If you were a String Orchestra kid growing up (or even if you are now) you’ll be positively awestruck by the video after the jump.

Seeing the way that Soren operates and capturing the images using the Medium Format touchscreen is also quite interesting as you’ll get to take an indepth look into the life and process of a studio photographer.

Phase One teamed up with photographer Søren Jonesen to document a super rare find: a 299 year old Stradivarius violin. This is a very sought after model of violin but finding them in such great condition is extremely rare because of just how thin the wood is and just how fragile violins really are. It’s easy to snap the bridge during tuning or have the tuning pegs become extremely loose. Plus, violin bows often require rosin to give them that sound. Rosin is made of tree sap, and it can break down over time and affect the finish of the violin.

The company published a gallery of the images on their Google Plus page, but there are also more of them on their website.

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