Fujifilm’s XP200 Is For Your Underwater Fortress That Has WiFi


Everything you own now needs to be connected–even your tough cameras. That’s only part of what Fujifilm is announcing today. The new XP200 is a waterproof and shockproof camera that sports WiFi because you’re bound to be diving down 50 feet below and then suddenly say to yourself, “You know, I want to upload a picture now.” all the while you’re trying to swim away from a shark.

The company is also announcing their S8400W camera, which is a superzoom with 44x optical zoom and WiFi built in as well. Now that one just seems a bit more cool. Come on, you know that you’re totally going to be taking photos of an awesome scene across the river and then upload it directly to Face-Twit-Gram for all your friends to be jealous of. Right?

More specs and details are after the jump.

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