Review: Epson XP-950

julius motal epson xp 950 product shot-1

There’s nothing quite like seeing your photographs on paper. The first few years of my photography were in film, and I used to get prints alongside a digital copy on a CD. I soon learned, however, that I invariably wanted to edit the photos upon receiving them, so rather than get prints and a CD, I just went for the CD to save some money and some trees. With my switch digital, I almost never printed. When the opportunity to review the Epson XP-950 arrived, I jumped at the chance because lately, I’ve wanted to get into printing because my photographs needed a home other than the screen. The XP-950 proved to be a viable conduit.

As a printer, scanner, and copier all in one it features Wifi connectivity and a scan resolution of 4800 DPI. Let’s take a look.

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