Rogue Announces New XL Pro FlashBender Lighting Kit for Your Hot Shoe Flash


We’ve reviewed the Rogue Flash Benders and the Rogue Grid here on the site before, but today the company announced something else of monster proportions. This kit includes the new XL Pro FlashBender–which is larger than the previous large version. As it stands, we believe that the large reflector is one of the best upgrades for modern wedding photographers, but the XL may now take the cake. The new kit also includes the diffusion attachment which essentially turns the package into a small softbox by taking your flash’s light output, making it bounce to hit the white surface and then receive even more diffusion by passing through a translucent white attachment.

However, this time around you have the choice of a  Strip Box Diffuser Attachment, Soft Box Diffuser Attachment, or Silver/Black Reflector Attachment (which will add extra specular highlights and really bring out the sharpness of your new lens.

The Rogue XL Pro Lighting kit is available for $99.95 at Adorama.