I’m Not a Fashion Photographer, But I Was Commissioned to Shoot Fashion Recently

All images and text by Xavier D. Buendia

There seems to be a trend in photography that sees street photographers and others flirting with portraiture and fashion photography. I’ll cover that at the end but for now, let’s focus on why I’m one of those photographers. If business is steady as a food photographer, it might sound silly to get into other areas of photography but the reason I got into portrait and fashion photography is for sheer fun and pleasure; For curiosity, to explore a different aspect of the creative process that doesn’t apply to my every-day photography routine; to learn something new, to do something because I want to, as a hobby!

But why portraiture? I have this personal challenge of expressing my visual ideas into a photograph and having the interaction with people as a tool. I’ve tried landscape and it bored me to death, long exposures and HDRs didn’t excite me, I don’t have the time and patience for wildlife photography and street photography gets repetitive and cliché more often.I have this alchemical vibe for portraiture and exploring it takes me to very different levels as a creative.

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My Life is a Beautiful Chaos: There is No Life/Work Balance as a Photographer

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There is no balance; my life is a beautiful chaos. I’m a photographer, I’m an artist, I’m a foodie and I’m a husband…all at once! I’m very lucky to have an amazing partner who supports, tolerates and gets involved in this mess. She understands that this is my life and this is who I am but it takes a bit of common sense from my side as well. I compromise the love and passion that I have for what I do to spend quality time with my wife. See, one of the reasons I wanted to become self-employed was to be able to spend more time with her.

This is so important to me because I grew up with a workaholic father who has only three things in his mind: work, work and work. So no matter how busy I am, I always find the time for her and [to] be there when she needs me…except for weddings, I hate weddings!

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Xavier D. Buendia: Careful Use of Color in Food Photography

Taste Buds

All images by Xavier D. Buendia. Used with permission.

“My name is Xavier and I’m a freelance Food & Lifestyle photographer / street photographer based in Brighton, UK.” he says in his introductory email to me. “I’m 33 and I’ve been a full time photographer for about two years now and things are just starting to happen.”

Xavier is a food and lifestyle photographer and works with restaurants, chefs, and no shortage of food. He worked for 10 years in restaurants and hotels studying to become a sommelier. Of course, he’s always had a big passion for food and wine. That vigor burned out after a while and when he turned 30, he decided to become a photographer.

You see, Xavier did it right. He worked part time at cafes and bars to support his art. But he also immersed himself in the culture that he worked to work in. When he finally got his degree in photography, he got to shooting full time.

“Now I take great pride on what I do, I try to transmit my passion on every picture I take and strongly believe that hard work and dedication pay off.”

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