Reports Say Olympus Might Be Announcing a High End OMD-esque Compact Camera in October


The above image isn’t it, but the folks at 43rumors cite “two trusted sources” about a likely high end compact camera from Olympus in the OMD tradition. In 43rumors’s hierarchy of rumors, this one comes in at FT5 which has an 81-99% chance of being correct The small shooter will have a built-in EVF, but its sensor will be far smaller than what the OMD has, which will allow it to have a compact 28-300mm zoom lens. Who knows if it’ll be pocketable, but it’s expected to be announced at the end of October. If true, the mini-OMD will join an elite group of gorgeous Olympus point-and-shoots: the Trip 35, 35 SP, and XA. I can attest to the Trip 35, and I will soon own a 35 SP.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground for more information.

Via 43rumors