The X3 CPL Claims the World’s Best Color Neutrality and Sharpness


Breakthrough photography creates really nice and really durable ND filters, and their latest announcement of the X3 Circular Polarizer has us equally excited. According to their Kickstarter, we’re not the only ones. The new filter is being touted as the sharpest and most color neutral CPL in the world. In fact, they’re backing it up with a 25 year warranty.

The X3 CPL starts with a brass ring that is durable and ensures that removing and applying the filter is easy to do–far better than the plastics used in cheaper filters. The shape also makes it very easy to turn and dial in exactly what setting you want. Then the company states that they are using an all-American made CPL film to cut down the light accordingly. They’re calling this CrystalVision, and combines a nano tech coating that beads up water as it hits the surface of the glass. At the moment, it isn’t clear how many stops of light it’s capable of eliminating.

The results so far are really spectacular; sample photos and the KickStarter video are after the jump.

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