Photo Factory 360 is Looking to Make 360 Photography Simpler


A soon to launch Kickstarter looking to launch soon, and is aimed at making 360 photography much simpler for most businesses. The initiative is by Photo Factory 360 and they’re calling it the X1 Pro. It’s aimed at small business owners that more or less don’t want to pay for a professional photographer to do something like this. In fact, they state that the X1 Pro enables you to do this stuff “for less than 1/10th the cost of other professional solutions.” They’re emphasizing that you can do it with nearly any camera or a smartphone.

But what they don’t flat out mention is all the post-production work that goes into something like this to prevent reflections, purple fringing, or even the knowledge of how to actually manipulate the settings needed to shoot photos like this–but that is evident to the trained eye. However, this alluded to where they state “An often overlooked fact about photography, is the inability of the average person to distinguish high quality from professional quality.”

If that’s clear to your business and your customers, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re selling something like beautiful mason jars, then you don’t want reflections.

The system is also very low tech–citing that it was work with systems as far back as a Pentium 4 processor and Windows 7. Sorry Mac users, it doesn’t say anything about you guys.

A couple of examples of what can be done are after the jump.

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