Review: Fujifilm XF1

Fujifilm XF1 Compact Camera

The Fujifilm X-F1 Compact Camera is the latest model to come out of the X-Series, and it breaks into a new class of camera for the series. While the X10 grazed the compact camera field, the X-F1 bravely enters and takes the center stage as their flagship pocketable compact camera. Bowing up to larger competitors like the Canon S100 and Sony RX100, this camera takes a stand as a new way of addressing a common consumer market. With its exclusive lens extension system and the trend-setting retro return to leatherette and metal bodies, this camera boldly stakes its claim in the top shelf as a premium compact camera.

Not one to breeze by on looks alone, the Fuji X-F1 boasts some impressive performance capabilities and the image quality that has become a trademark feature of the X-Series next to their undeniably sexy exteriors. The functionality and interface that Fuji has crafted for this particular model in their lineup also makes for an enjoyable and rewarding shooting experience that makes one wonder how necessary some of the larger and more unwieldy cameras on the market really are for the average daily carry.

So, obviously the Fujifilm X-F1 can boast considerably in various qualities and accolades, but how does this camera really measure up in daily use? I held this question fully in mind as I touted this little wonder around for a couple weeks and hope to impart a little of the experiences I had with this camera as faithfully as I possibly can. Let’s dive in to see just what makes this small image maker really shine and where it flounders.

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First Impressions: Fujifilm X-F1

The Fujifilm X-F1 Compact Camera is the 5th camera in the popular X-Series. This camera is marked like the rest of the series by a reminiscent return to the heyday of camera design (In my opinion, of course) with leatherette accents and simplified manual controls. This model is the most compact of the bunch, even smaller than it’s slightly bigger brother the X10.

With a collapsible lens system paired with a unique on/off switch design and a clean minimal physical design, this camera has a market among the style-savvy and photographer nerd in all of us.
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