Developing Film with the Wrong Chemicals Kills Instagram Any Day



All images shot and developed by Matthew Cetta. Used with permission

Developing your film with the wrong chemicals has been long known to many photographers–and the more savvy of us call it cross processing. But NYC based photographer and owner of Synapse Shots Matthew Cetta has been experimenting with what he calls Photogenic Alchemy. Basically, what he’s doing is developing film with loads of other weird chemicals: like absinthe. The project involves using a Holga that he converted to shoot 35mm film and he started the project to help him get out of a deep depression.

Matt states that the results made him feel like a kid again, and that everything once again became experimental and new. The project has been going on for a while now, and some of his other examples are after the jump.

If anything, it should teach us to never pigeon hole ourselves, and instead to embrace our creative freedom.

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