Tap and Dye’s Legacy Horween Chromexcel Leather Camera Wrist Straps Now Come in Dark Olive and Brown

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Legacy Horween Chromexcel Olive and Brown Strap 1

Tap and Dye has added a couple of new pieces to its Legacy leather strap collection today. Sadly it’s not a new strap but rather new dark olive and brown colors for its already great Horween Chromexcel leather camera wrist straps. The leather has been hand rubbed with an aged finish and stitched tightly together with white string to give it a classical and rustic look.

Justin, the founder and owner of Tap and Dye, tells us that their black straps are currently sold out due to a very long back order on the black leather Horween Chromexcel leather. However, the new dark olive and brown straps are readily available now.

We’ve had our own Horween Chromexcel leather strap in black for a few weeks now and we can vouch it’s Tap and Dye’s softest strap yet. It comes with a nice fat pad of leather and while some users might not like this bulkiness, it helps distribute the weight of a camera well.

You can get your own Legacy Horween Chromexcel leather camera wrist strap directly from Tap and Dye for $85. Check out some more product images after the break.

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