Spider Holster Introduces The Most Nerve-Racking Way to Store Your Speedlite


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Do you see that right there? That is one way that Spider Holster is saying that you can use their new Spider Monkey. This is a brand new product that is bring introduced at WPPI 2013.  For those not familiar, this company was originally made famous by their Spider Holster, which we’ve tested and many staffers actually really like. But if you check out the video after the jump, you’ll see one of the biggest no-nos for any speedliter. Ever! Syl Arena might have a heart attack.

Now, this new product is meant specifically for accessories and they explicitly state not to put your camera bodies on it. But personally, I’d go for the HoldFast Gear [PHOTO]Belt and know that I’ve got a bit more security. Speedlites are expensive anyway! It seems like they’re also specifically targeting this at studio shooters since a light meter is shown off too.

Check out their quick intro video after the jump; and try not to cringe.

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