Alex Lv’s Worth My Money Questions Economic Cost

All images by Alex Lv. Used with permission.

“If you think about what you had ate earlier today, or last night, how is it different to the one you had two days ago? Why is it so expensive, and does it worth that much money?” is what Alex Lv tells us when describing his project entitled “Worth My Money.” When he pitched it to us months ago, it was only a few images but has since blossomed into a number of other ideas all photographed in a similar way.

Alex’s project calls into question just what something is worth to us by placing money directly into the item we’re talking about–even questioning the worth of an instant film image. “I often ask myself, does that click of the button worth the money? Will you cherish that slide of film? Or will you give it away to your friend?” says Alex. “Will they see it as a gift? Or just a piece of paper?”

We talked more with Alex about the project.

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