Canon 1D X Dominates The World Press Photo 2014 List



Image via hastalosmegapixeles

The folks over at hastalosmegapixeles put together an interesting infographic showing a breakdown of cameras used by press photographers for the World Press Photo 2014 awards. And despite the fact that we always say that it’s about the picture first and the gear second, it’s still an interesting breakdown to look at. Canon seems to dominate with the 1D X and DSLRs overall seem to still be the primary tool of photographers out in the field. Of course, this seems like no big surprise but we’re also quite shocked at some of the other cameras in use. For example, there is a Rebel, Sony NEX 5n, Nikon D80, and the venerable 5D Mk II seems to be still in use.

Even more interesting is the fact that the Mamiya 7 is being used–which is a medium format rangefinder and a wonderful camera. Plus, the RX1 compact is in use and the Olympus OMD EM5.

Looks like the mirrorless world isn’t going to be overtaking DSLRs any time soon.