Tasneem AlSultan Shows Essential Workers In a Light of Dignity

“Everyone deserves to be photographed in a manner that shows them dignified,” says Tasneem AlSultan about her approach to photographing often-overlooked workers of our societies. A surprising incident from her youth propelled her to photograph their lives in a positive way. She’s spent a fair bit of her career creating projects that shine a light on the marginalized class living with and among us.

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Eastman Kodak to Layoff Over 400 Workers; But Film Probably Isn’t Being Affected

Sadly, things aren’t looking extremely great for Kodak right now

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking so stellar for Kodak right now. Specifically, we’re referencing Eastman Kodak who produces a lot of those interesting Kodak branded products like 3D cameras, the Kodak Ektra, software, printing systems, etc. The company formed after Kodak emerged from Chapter 11 back in 2013. But unfortunately, they’re also the producer of Kodak motion picture film. And while Kodak Portra, Ektar, Tri-X and Gold aren’t tied to Eastman Kodak but instead Kodak Alaris, the layoff and lower profits could mean a few problems.

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Workers Are Still Protesting Outside of B&H Photo Video for Better Treatment

Photo by @Jeffrae provided by the Laundry Workers Union

For over a year, workers at the B&H photo warehouses have been protesting for better treatment and for the creation of a union. In fact, the issue has become so large that it’s now been a class action lawsuit put into place by the US Government, and backed up by controversies for the better part of 10 years. So it comes as a bit of a shock that workers are still protesting outside of the store the way they were this morning.

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B&H Photo’s Store Employees Looking to Unionize

Months back, B&H Photo’s warehouse workers protested for the right to unionize against what they felt were an oppressive management. They also protested unsafe working conditions. But yesterday, a number of store employees organized to protest working conditions in the store. According to a press release from the Laundry Workers Center, “B&H store workers will hold a protest and deliver a letter to management demanding an end to dangerous, discriminatory and abusive workplace conditions inside the flagship store of B&H Photo Video, the largest non-chain photo store in the United States.”

The store, for those of you who don’t know, has many layers to it. There is the main floor for video, audio, televisions, etc. The second floor holds all the camera gear, computer gear, etc. But below all of this is a warehouse system where many people work to support the customer service reps–which is partially done with the Trolley system that the store has become so well known for.

B&H Photo is one of the biggest retailers of cameras in the world, with folks from all over buying from them. Details from the press release are after the jump.

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Warehouse Workers at B&H Photo Video Protest Unsafe Working Conditions

Chris Gampat BHInsight B&H Event Space (4 of 10)

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio, a retailer in the photo industry that is close to the hearts of many photographers, is currently facing quite a bit of public heat after a story run by Al-Jazeera America related the accounts and complaints of around 200 of their warehouse workers. To clarify, these are the accounts of warehouse workers in the Brooklyn Navy Yard–not at the superstore located at 34th and 9th in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.

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