Tasneem AlSultan Shows Essential Workers In a Light of Dignity

“Everyone deserves to be photographed in a manner that shows them dignified,” says Tasneem AlSultan about her approach to photographing often-overlooked workers of our societies. A surprising incident from her youth propelled her to photograph their lives in a positive way. She’s spent a fair bit of her career creating projects that shine a light on the marginalized class living with and among us.

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Contact Sheets Reveal the Story of a 9/11 Recovery Worker

All images by Jennifer Judkins. Used with permission.

Earlier this year, we interviewed photographer Jennifer Judkins who photographed her father in his last days. But Jennifer’s father had a special story: he was one of the people tasked with cleanup around the World Trade Center after 9/11. If you’ve followed the stories of some of the first responders and those who helped clear the debris, you’ve probably heard a lot about some of the conditions and ailments that they’ve come down with. To get the message out about all that happened, Jennifer photographed her father in his ailing condition up until his passing.

The project was done on film; and so to create the project, Jennifer needed to go through her contact sheets. This process was one that she had help with from friends and colleagues.

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