Hard Graft’s Ateller Box Camera Bag Will Cost You $540


If you’re looking for something a tad more compact than your standard camera bag, then you may want to consider the new Hard Graft Ateller Box Camera Bag. This bag is made from a single piece of fine grain leather and wool felt on the inside. It’s designed to fit most SLR cameras and boasts a small interior pocket for your phone or memory cards.

It measures 19 x 15 x 13 cm / 7.5” x 6″ x 5″; but to be very honest with you it looks like a glorified lunch box for a camera. In fact, we’re sure you’ll be able to stuff a Snickers bar in there for your photo walks.

If you want to tote around this gorgeous piece of cow and lamb, you’ll need to shell out $540–possibly making it the most expensive bag that we’ve ever reported on.

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Cecilia Gallery’s New Camera Straps Are Made From Alpaca Wool


Alpaca’s are cute, fuzzy, and sometimes funny animals. And with lots of stylish camera straps these days being made from leather or canvas, these new addition from the Cecilia Gallery is quite a welcome surprise. The company has today announced a new line of 14 camera straps made of Alpaca wool and leather accents. Each strap comes with its own unique design and range somewhere in the $85 to $95 price point.

The company tells us that the straps are all handwoven in Peru and that they’ve got nylon built into them to help them support up to 250lbs of weight. Yes–we just said 250lbs, that’s what they’re claiming at least. In a situation like that, you can probably tote your 8×10 camera around your neck with one of these things.

You can snag your own right now on the company’s website.