Ezra Ng’s Women of Our Lives is “A Quiet Celebration of a Woman’s Sexuality”

All images by Ezra Ng. Used with permission.

Photographer Ezra Ng calls “Women of Our Lives” an effortless expression of modern femininity. “Women in this series are introduced, with a sense of the aesthetic from the present, but imbued with an eternal, pronounced character of dignity, poise, and above all, serenity,” says Ezra. “The reinforcement of the idea that beauty owes its colour to the trillion swatches and characters on the spectrum. And in the present, they are carried out through the wonders of subtlety, and individuality.”

Ezra calls it a quiet celebration of a woman’s sexuality. It isn’t objectified or hidden according the opinion or restraints of others.

“Highlighting the gentle flair, the unmistakable grace, and ethereality of each woman in the series. Brought to life with their charm, style and captivating beauty.”

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