Rare Photography That Takes You Into Unknown Worlds

Amongst the traditional photography that comes The Phoblographer’s way are stories that focus on rare moments. From wildlife to natural phenomena, photographers wait patiently to document scenes people don’t often see. The scenes take us into unknown worlds and allow the photographer to educate us on topics we’re not familiar with. We love these types of stories, and so do our readers. If you want to forget the mundane for a moment, check this out! Make a hot drink, get locked in to the rest of this article, and enjoy some rare photography.

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8 Sensational Photography Projects and the Cameras Used to Make Them

A good photography project takes time to create. A lot of thought needs to go into the execution, as photographers decide the best route to deliver the look they want to achieve. Beyond the images, a good photography project must send a message. Whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral, the intention has to connect with the viewer. The difficulty of this is why many projects fail, but we’re not here to talk about those. We’re here to focus on the wins. Let’s take a look.

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Will Burrard-Lucas Went on a Quest to Find a Rare Black Leopard in Africa

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“At night, it was always the black leopard’s eyes that struck me,” Will Burrard-Lucas remembers. “In fact, he was usually completely invisible in the black of night, except for his eyes reflecting brightly in my torch beam.” The wildlife photographer saw his first spotty leopard in Tanzania at the tender age of five. Just over thirty years later, he stood face-to-face with a rare black leopard in Laikipia, Kenya. With the thrum of crickets and the occasional call of a rock hyrax filling the air, their eyes met for just an instant before the panther slinked away in the dark. 

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Wildlife Photographer Gets Turned into a Lookout Post by Wild Meerkats

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.04.19 AM

Who knew communing with nature can be so cute and cuddly?!

If you think that being a wildlife photographer means your life is in constant danger, think again. On a trip to the sandy Makgadikgadi region in northern Botswana to photograph Africa’s charming and endearing meerkats, UK wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas found himself making some new furry little friends instead. And also, becoming a (not-so) reluctant lookout post and a source of entertainment for them.

Burrard-Lucas spent six days in the arid region photographing one particular meerkat family and the animals got so used to him, they decided to utilize him for greater purposes. While the little overly curious meerkat toddlers played with his camera, their resourceful parents used him as a makeshift watchtower to scan for predators and other dangers. Pretty ingenious!

We don’t know how Burrard-Lucas was able to focus on the job with all that ruckus around him but ever the professional, he managed to take home some amazing, even epic, shots. Better yet, he was able to mix business with pleasure.

Check out the wonderful shots he took during his cuddly adventure here. But first, watch this video after the jump.

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Wildlife Photographer Releases an Inspiring Aerial Footage of the Wild Plains of the Serengeti

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.26.43 AM

The plains of the Serengeti, which plays host to a great number of animal and plant species as well as the largest mammal migration on land in the world, is a place that not everyone gets to experience first hand. Let’s face it; while Africa is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, it’s still a harsh and untamed land that will test people’s limits.

At least, we can rely on wildlife photographers and shows like BBC’s Planet Earth to give us glimpses of this majestic place and its amazing wildlife.

Recently, UK-based professional wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas released some inspiring aerial footage of the Serengeti and its wild “residents” going about their daily business–from a lone hyena dragging a carcass to a herd of migrating wild goats to a pod of hippos bathing in a muddy river.

Burrard-Lucas’ work aims to move people to preserving and protecting the planet’s fast-declining wildlife and natural wonders. He has spent years documenting animals in the wild using advanced equipment, including contraptions that he created himself like the terrestrial BeetleCam and the airborne BeetleCopter. In fact, this video of the Serengeti is his first footage using the BeetleCopter, which he controlled via the live video feed from the GoPro Hero 3+ mounted on it.

Thanks to this video, we are reminded yet again of how glorious, beautiful, and stirring the African continent is. See it after the jump.
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