10 Beginner Tips to the 28mm Focal Length


Editor’s Note This article was written by Olivier Duong, a Haitian, French, Vietnamese photographer and can be found here

Along with a friend, he publishes Inspired Eye, a street photography magazine every month. Please check it out!

This post is being republished with permission from the Inspired Eye.

So, you just got a camera that has it’s lens stuck at the 28mm focal length. Maybe the Ricoh GR, the Nikon Coolpix Aor maybe the Fuji WCL X100 adapter. You’re freaking out. The world is HUGE! How are you going to make images with such a wide field of view??? Stop. Don’t panic, breathe. It’s going to be ok. Here’s the beginner’s guide to the 28mm focal length to get you started.

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