Dress Up Your Space with These Beautiful Wood Prints from WhiteWall

Images from WhiteWall Online Photo Lab

The award-winning WhiteWall Online Photo Lab has recently included a Direct Print On Wood service to its growing product portfolio, offering another unique way for photographers to display their prized photos. While we’re all fond of sharing our photos online, there’s still no better way to showcase and admire our own work than having them on print or on display. If you fancy putting your photos on display in a more eye-catching way, using vintage frames has become a popular option. Or, you can simply get wood prints — yes, you can have photos printed directly on wood for a nature-inspired and rustic look. The Berlin-based company has also been known for printing on other materials and formats such as acrylic glass, metal, and canvas, making this new product an interesting addition to the list.

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The Creation of a Street Photography Zine with WhiteWall

One of the myths around Street Photography is that it is an art-form you get into with no expectation of earning money or getting recognition. Though it may be easy to write it off as gospel, the truth is that recognition/generating sales in Street Photography is all about how you market yourself. In today’s uber-connected world there’s no shortage of places you can post your work – Instagram, Behance, or a personal website are all great places to start but if you want to get your work noticed by galleries then you’re going to need a printed portfolio of your work to really stand out.

And that’s where WhiteWall seems to truly excel!

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