Format Follows AP Photojournalist Andrew Harnik Through the White House

All images by Andrew Harnik. Used with permission.

In Format’s latest edition of the InFrame web series, they’re following AP Photographer Andrew Harnik through the White House. This episode focuses on Andrew talking about how his goal was to always be a photographer and his evolution as a photojournalist. Andrew was an Art Photographer but realized later on that the most important thing for him was people–which got him into photojournalism. Combine this with the fact that the Washington Post was always the newspaper that was read each and every morning growing up, and you’ve got something that makes more sense when putting the puzzle together. Of course, Andrew’s work also surely speaks for itself and is incredibly inspiring.

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New Video Takes a Look at the Obama Administration’s Aggressive Social Media Strategy

Video thumbnail for youtube video - The Phoblographer
A far cry from the transparent, open administration he promised to be running, President Obama and his team are now under the scrutiny of the independent media for not only taking advantage of social media to release controlled and slightly staged images of the President, but also for the decreasing access they are giving to photojournalists not on the presidential payroll. Continue reading…