Hoya’s New Pro ND Filters Won’t Fudge Your White Balancing


Videographers perhaps more than photographers are being treated to Hoya’s New Pro ND Neutral Density filters. These filters are said to eliminate color casts that other ND filters often add to your videos–which require better white balancing in post or in the camera. Buying a bunch of them in various sizes will also mean that your footage will be easier to white balance in camera.

The 9 filters can reduce anywhere from two to 10 stops of light. They’re all built using an aluminum frame and have the company’s ACCU-ND and Metallic ACCU-ND coatings that help to do everything that we stated previously.

You can snag sizes from 49mm to 82mm if you’re dealing with super large lenses. No official word on pricing or availability has been released; but we’re sure that come holiday season loads of these will be under the trees of videographers.