The Weye Feye is a WiFi Add-On That Lets You Remote Control Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

XSories Weye Feye WiFi Camera Remote Control

Camera remotes are nothing new. They attach to your camera either via cord or wirelessly, and they let you control the shutter, and sometimes even the settings. Camera remotes working via your smartphone are also nothing new. But the Weye Feye is. It’s not just a simple remote control. It’s a WiFi add-on that attaches to your Canon or Nikon DSLR via USB, and delivers the camera’s live view stream directly onto your smartphone’s screen. Or your tablet. Or your laptop. Or the internet right away (via your smartphone or tablet or laptop.) On top of it all, the app that comes with it lets you control almost any of your camera’s settings. Pretty neat, innit? To get an impression of how it works and what XSories, the creators of the Weye Feye have in mind that you do with it, watch the video after the break.

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