Deaf-Blind Photographer Ian Treherne Shares His Inspiring Story

Screenshot image from the video by Wex Photo Video

Despite his deteriorating eyesight and hearing impairment, Ian Treherne from Rochford, Essex hasn’t let his condition stop him from being a photographer. In one of their episodes for More Than An Image, Wex Photographic shares the inspiring story of Ian, and how he interacts with the world though photography with his debilitating condition.

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#MoreThanAnImage Highlights The Power Of Photography To Change Lives

As photographers it can be easy to focus on the technical aspects of photography; the gear we use, the settings that are chosen. These are the easy parts of photography to distill down to something that can be reconstructed by another. But the real power of photography and our power as photographers is in our ability to tell stories, to capture moments, and heal others through the light we capture.

Wex Photographic recently put together three short films highlighting British photographers for their #MoreThanAnImage series. The purpose of the series is to emphasis and look at the power of photography as a tool for change and healing. Continue reading…