The Weird World of a Photographer Hunting for Gigs on Craigslist (NSFW)

Craigslist has always been an odd place for photographers to find gigs.

It’s not pretty, but Craigslist has always been a source for photographers who need a quick paying gig or for someone looking to build their portfolio without pay. And 9/10 times it’s pretty shady. Nearly a decade ago, it was much maligned by most of the creative community. With its archaic yet straightforward structure, folks have been able to connect and collaborate. It was only a few years ago that Craigslist finally made an app. But indeed, the world has changed. Folks have moved onto Instagram, Facebook pages, Behance, etc. Craigslist, much like Model Meyhem, has become something that gainfully employed photographers don’t really pay attention to. In fact, I haven’t even heard it mentioned in the circles I’m in for quite some time. So I decided to take a curiosity peak and see what’s there.

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