This Unusual Zenit SLR Camera Would Probably Get You Shot and Killed Today

This military-issued Zenit Photosniper took shooting photos pretty seriously. 

Today, we’re bringing out the big guns with our latest ebay find. If you thought that the rare pistol-shaped subminiature DORYU 2-16 was such a cool shot, say hello to the big daddy of unusual cameras: the hefty Zenit Photosniper. It’s one of those things that would probably get you in some kind of trouble, but we can’t blame you if you want it!

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This 14K Solid Gold Ring is Actually a Soviet Era Spy Camera

Likely the most interesting and expensive spy camera you can wear

Just when we think we’ve already unearthed the coolest spy cameras in the history of photography, something pops up and proves us wrong. From the depths of ebay’s vintage awesomeness comes a super rare and unique Soviet Era spy camera, concealed in an ornately decorated and curiously shaped gold ring. If this ingenious piece catches your fancy, all you have to do is cough up almost US $20,000.

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Exhibit on Early Soviet Photography Examines Creative Change


Arkady Shaikhet. Express, 1939. Gelatin silver print. Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York. Artwork © Estate of Arkady Shaikhet, courtesy of Nailya Alexander Gallery

Image used with permission from the Frist Center.

On February 7th, an exhibit portraying a curation of early Soviet photography will leave the Jewish Museum here in New York and then make its way to the Frist Center for Visual Arts in Nashville, TN. The exhibit, called “The Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film” features images created during the time of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution through the 1930s. It not only features photographs though, there are also 12 feature length films, periodicals, and even those really cool and interesting Russian cameras.

The content ultimately examines how photography/motion picture art was used to disseminate Communist ideology, but also “how the compelling, message-laced work from this period energized and expanded the potential of photography and film.” according to the description. For anyone that has studied history, you’re probably aware that Hitler did the same thing–as did America during the war efforts in WWII. Later on, photography would be used to stop wars.

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