Weather Tested: The Best Sony Cameras to Use in the Rain or Snow

If you want to play around in the rain, snow and howling winds with dust flying everywhere, and you want to use Sony cameras, you need to see this roundup.

Weather sealed cameras give photographers so many advantages over cameras that aren’t sealed in any way. First of all, you can go and shoot in a myriad of conditions without having to worry about your gear (as long as you use weather sealed lenses too). This in itself means you will be able to get shots others with non-weather sealed cameras would miss. Secondly, weather sealed cameras have a much better build quality overall, which means your huge investment will last significantly longer than cameras that aren’t protected. Sony has been upping their weather sealing game of late, and there are now some Sony Cameras on the market that we wouldn’t hesitate to go and run into the rain with. After the break, we will take a quick look at Sony cameras that aren’t afraid to get a little wet.

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