The Best Sony E Mount Lenses For Folk Who Love Prime Lenses

The Sony E Mount is home to tons of great lenses not just from Sony, but from other manufacturers. They’ve got the most third-party support of any manufacturer for their mirrorless gear. But more than that, they also have a ton of their own products. We’ve reviewed a bunch of the best Sony E Mount lenses and we think that the best offerings are their prime lenses. So we’re rounding up the best ones right here for you.

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The Sony 50mm F1.2 GM Will Need to Be Less Clinical, More Character

If the Sony 50mm f1.2 G Master lens really comes next month, then we need to stop talking about MTF charts.

As much as things change, they also stay the same. And honestly, I’m expecting the same thing from Sony. If the Sony 50mm f1.2 G Master is real, then it’s going to be good. However, I’m also sure it’s going to be just the clinical definition of good. Sony’s engineers have sucked the soul out of lenses. The only recent exception is the Sony 35mm f1.4 G Master. But a lens like the Sony 50mm f1.2 G Master will really need to be something extraordinary. 

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