The Phottix Luna Ii Is Striving to Be the Only Portable Beauty Dish You Need at $80

Beauty Dishes don’t have to be immobile, just look at the Phottix Luna II!

Phottix has been doing their best to make photographers’ lives easier with quality lighting and lighting accessories for years. One popular product that took away some headache was the Luna, their foldable/collapsible beauty dish. We reviewed it a while back; and it was fantastic. The company just unveiled their new Luna II, their next generation portable beauty dish designed to make utilizing it on the go effortless and as easy as can be. Continue reading…

Which Light Modifier Do I Choose?

Silver Bounce Umbrella
Silver Bounce Umbrella

Silver Bounce Umbrella

How many of you out there are afraid of, or intimidated by off-camera lighting? Don’t be afraid to admit it; I was in that same boat when I first began too. A favorite quote that I have accepted lately, “If you’re too afraid to try for fear of failure, you’ve failed already” – Anonymous. If anyone knows where this quote came from, let me know in the comments. Okay, back to the subject. You can read an infinite amount of material on off-camera lighting. The problem is that there is almost too much information. You might fall into the trap of info overload without actually learning for yourself with experimentation and practice. My advice would be to read enough information to learn how to get your flash off the camera and then get out there and shoot.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog posting by Travis Lawton, the Lawtographer

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